Welcome Chef Shirley Lang

Exclusive Concierge is very pleased to welcome Chef Shirley Lang to our team of experts and announce that all in house catering will now be provided by the award winning Kitchens Of Distinctions.

About Shirley Lang

I am Executive Chef Shirley Lang, my Spirit name is Kaug Auk Shee, (Festival of the Raven), of the Cree Nation. I am a Culinary Explorer and the owner of Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd. Exploring and creating cuisine of all Cultures is my passion! I have owned my Private Catering company since 1999. In 1995 I relocated from Toronto to BC after 20 years of owning Brooke International Studios: A Collective of Image Consulting Artists, hair-salons and a talent agency that catered only to the elite Canadian entertainment industry.

The Kitchens of Distinction Experience

At the heart of our identity is our essence. At Kitchens of Distinction our essence is to elevate the dining experience to the level of a culinary masterpiece. Each dish is crafted in house with fresh local ingredients and inspired by our passion for food. Award winning Executive Chef Shirley Lang brings together flavours that set our dishes apart from the everyday. We believe that the experience we offer will reflect your desire to give only the best to your guests. The dishes we create for your occasion will serenade your senses, flavor the conversations around your tables, and ensure that your event is an unforgettable one. We aspire to enrich your dining experience by creating a feast that will delight even the most discerning of tastes.

Catered Cuisine for Discerning Tastes

The dining experience is one that should be an invitation to breathe in the delicious aromas, be soothed by a symphony of flavours, and awoken to the delights of unforgettable cuisine. Common to every culture is a value placed on dining together and our essence is to make that experience anything but common. “Catered cuisine for discerning tastes” takes the essences of high quality dining and brings it you your lips with elegance. We aspire to bring the best ingredients, menus and flavor together in a way that will make your catered experience an unforgettable one.